Learning to Fly

A Plaza Midwood real estate agent takes skydiving to new heights
Jarod Orrell, second from left, has been skydiving since college. Here, the Plaza Midwood real estate agent jumps headfirst in a formation with friends.

It started with a few trial tandem jumps in college. Now skydiving is Jarod Orrell’s passion, and this 34-year-old real estate agent from Plaza Midwood has made more than 750 jumps. He recognizes the adrenaline rush first-timers look for, but says the more seasoned divers jump for another sensation. “What I love most is the freedom of being up there and having the ability to move around in three dimensions,” he says. “People like skiing and snowboarding because of the freedom to move around on the mountain, but skydiving allows that motion in 3-D. It’s body flight and learning how to fly the air.” To book your first jump, go to skydivecarolina.com

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