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The Cypress of Charlotte

3342 Cypress Club Dr., Charlotte, NC 28210
Purchase: Yes
Non-Purchase: No
Entrance Fee: No
Monthly Fee: Yes
Individual Living Units: Yes
Assisted Care Units: Yes
Skilled Care Units: Yes
Memory Care Units: Yes

One of the great rewards that comes with age is the opportunity to enjoy a very real sense of increased freedom. At The Cypress of Charlotte, we’ve created an entire com- munity devoted to this newfound freedom. We do this by offering nearly limitless recreational, dining and social avenues; by allowing you to buy a home that suits your tastes and finances; by providing on-campus healthcare a leisurely walk away; by providing an impressive new Sports and Fitness Center; and by nestling all of this in a secluded, lush haven mere minutes from the vibrant action of Charlotte’s South Park area.

But what many Cypress members and their families agree is the best Cypress benefit is they own their lovely home here. No rent, no non-refundable entrance fee. And with essentially all maintenance and housekeeping and activities covered by membership—and an in-house activities coordinator to plan and organize events—members are free to enjoy life and leisure as few people are. Plus, the Cypress life is surprisingly affordable. Most members say the monthly expense is similar to living in their former home, but with so many additional conveniences.

What are you waiting for? Visit TheCypressOfCharlotte.com or, better yet, call to schedule your personal tour of our gorgeous community.