Luring Crowds in South Charlotte

New oyster bar to open in Ballantyne

After Bradshaw Social House opened last year (and after reviewing it), I found myself kind of hoping that south Charlotte would get more "cool" spots for those of us who like the gastropubs, bars, and hangouts in NoDa and Dilworth, but do NOT love driving all the way uptown.

By way of stalking around the Internet, I have discovered that the group who opened BSH will be taking over the Cosmo's Cafe location in Ballantyne, which did close around Easter. The full report seen here says that Cosmo's will be converted into an oyster bar!

Lure Oyster Bar does not have a set opening, but according to Charlotte Restaurant Traffic, it will be helmed by Justin Moehl, who headed up the kitchen at Bentley's on 27 in uptown. According to the report, the atmosphere will also be much like BSH, with live music and a more "party" themed atmosphere as the night goes on.

If you haven't gotten a taste of Bradshaw Social House yet, I encourage you to do so. The extremely relaxed atmosphere can get  a bit loud as the night goes on, but the food and drink selections are well worth any noise from the rowdier bar crowds. Here's to getting oysters in on the action!

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