Made to Order

Chris Edwards

Most nights it’s dark before you even arrive home after work and is much too cold to consider a trip to the grocery store. Put down the Lean Cuisine. We’ve found five tasty and fresh dishes that are easy to order — and even easier to eat — at convenient locations around town.

 Made to Order chart

1. F.C.N. Salad with fruit, cheese, nuts, and mixed greens, $7.50, Crisp, 704-333-9515

2. Spicy tuna roll, $4.95, Sushi 101, 704-672-0990

3. Pollo Bianco chicken and garlic mashed potatoes, $14.99, Mama Ricotta’s Restaurant, 704-377-7461

4. 16 x 16 inch Grandma pizza, $17.99, Villa Francesca, 704-333-7447

5. Chicken Pad Thai, $10, Deejai Thai Restaurant, 704-333-7884

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