Map Quest

Once you've finalized the guest list, confirmed attendance and put together a table layout, the puzzle process begins. Mapping out a seating chart will likely come with specific requests from picky friends and family members–and most definitely a bit of pressure to place each guest in the proper place. And while a good hostess knows the importance of keeping her guests content, keep in mind that each one is united in the celebration of your matrimony. So stick to these few basic rules and don't fret for a second longer. 

Segregation Act. Don't relegate a friend sans SO who is attached at the hip to your best married friends. It's more than OK and expected for your closest friends to dine together, regardless of marital or relationship status. 

Play Matchmaker. That said, if you have a long-time single friend you've been wanting to introduce to your unattached cousin, place them next to one another. Play up the opportunity for love your special event presents. After all, you never know what might come of it. 

Enlist Assistance. The best way to make sure your closest friends and family are happy with the chart: ask for their advice. Bring over your best friends and closest family and go through the seats together. This way you're not going the painstaking process alone–and you ensure they're pleased with the outcome. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Blending Families. Be sure to mix in your extended family with his. They will appreciate some new introductions and it will surely make for a more interesting evening. Just be sure to keep age groups together to maximize talking points they will have in common.

Careful With Kids. While a kids-only table placed strategically on the outskirts of a room may seem like a good idea, be careful here. Kids left alone become unruly and rambunctious. Keep the younger ones with their respective parents to keep behavior in check. Or keep them off the guest list entirely if they're below the age of 10. 


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