Mexican Hot Chocolate at Pura Vida

It’s rainy. There’s a chill in the air. And it’s almost Friday.

I think these three are more than enough in the way of excuses for why you should let yourself indulge in one of the Mexican Hot Chocolate drinks at Pura Vida Worldly Art in Plaza Midwood. This colorful boutique and coffee shop offers a variety of coffee and tea drinks, but on a day like today you deserve only the best, which is why you absolutely should order this exotic, creamy version of hot chocolate.

The rich chocolate taste of the drink gets a kick from sweet cinnamon and has the smallest bite from its special ingredients: Mexican chocolate syrup and hot Mexican chili powder. It’s sweet, spicy, and perfect for warming up on rainy late winter days.

The drink is $3.25 for a medium. Pura Vida is located at 1521 Central Avenue.

Categories: Dine & Dish, Food + Drink