New: Music Tuesdays. This week: Lucero, Drive-By Truckers, Dave Alvin

I’ve been wanting to start this for a while, so here goes. My goal: Every Tuesday, post a quick roundup of good live music shows in Charlotte in the week ahead. Charlotte’s live music scene has been getting better every year that I’ve lived here, and now it’s become tough to keep up with all that is going on. Some weeks I may only pick one show; other weeks it will be more. I may miss a week here and there. After, we have a magazine to put out once in a while.

Note: I plan to pick shows solely on my personal preference. This is not about "supporting" certain venues or bands. This is about me recommending the shows that I think are worth attending, based on my particular taste. Also note: Expect to see mainly rock, roots rock, and singer/songwriter stuff. Although I’ll mix it up if I see something interesting on the slate. So here’s what’s on tap this week:

Tuesday, February 23
Lucero with Glossary at Visulite — I’ve never seen Lucero live but have heard good things. I have four of their CDs and like them all. They have sort of a rough roots rock/country/punk sound. The new CD, "1372 Overton Park," includes horns and backup singers, which apparently made some longtime fans nervous. But the band says it’s a nod to their home base of Memphis and the Memphis Soul sound. I believe them. It’s an excellent record. A band called Glossary opens. I know almost nothing about them, but a trusted source claims Glossary is one of his new favorite bands. That’s enough for me. Tickets, more info.
Here’s a pretty cool video Lucero made a few years ago to promote their previous record: 


Thursday, February 25
The Drive-By Truckers — The DBTs, as they are affectionately known, may be the greatest Southern rock band at work today. They tell stories with their songs, and those stories often involve whiskey, and sometimes guns. I can’t say I relate to many of their stories (although I do like whiskey), but I really like hearing them. Three singers take turns at the mic (the band’s rule: you write it, you sing it), but the perfectly named Patterson Hood is undeniably the front man. The DBTs put on a sweaty, high-energy, LOUD show, which I’ve enjoyed the four times I’ve seen (street cred moment: my first DBTs show was about 12 years ago on a Tuesday night at the Double Door Inn). Highly recommended, and a likely sellout. Sons of Bill opens. Neighborhood Theatre. TIckets, more info.
This is one of my favorite Drive-By Truckers’ songs:


Friday, February 26
Dave Alvin — Yes, I started this series with a big week. Years ago, my first-ever freelance gig for a national magazine was reviewing a Dave Alvin/Robbie Fulks show at the Double Door for No Depression magazine. I think I got paid $40, and I spent half that buying CDs of the bands for "research." It was an epic show. About the last song of Dave Alvin’s set, I think I wrote something like, "It was no time to be professional. I set down my notebook, ordered a beer, and joined the party." It was just like the movie Almost Famous! Seriously, Dave Alvin has a haunting voice, writes great songs, and can play fast or show. On this tour, Alvin and his band the Guilty Women (there’s a sad story behind that; click on the info link for more), take on an acoustic, bluegrass-y sound. This is a show not to be missed. Stage Door Theater (part of the Blumenthal). Info, tickets.
Here’s a song from a festival that got this whole Guilty Women thing started:

That’s all I got. If you go see a show, let me know what you think.

UPDATE Friday February 26
Couple quick updates for you on shows this weekend. Tonight, Friday night, Over Mountain Men play their brand of rock/country/folk at Elwood’s Music Hall. Over Mountain Man consists of David Childers, Bob Crawford, Randy Saxon, Bill Noonan, and others. It’s a well known and accomplished group of local musicians. Crawford plays bass in The Avett Brothers. I don’t know if he’ll be playing in this particular show. Elwood’s is a new venue in south Charlotte, where Coach’s and Pineville Dinner Theater used to be. Highly recommended show. And only $7.

On Sunday evening, a group called Leadville Social Club plays Plaza-Midwood hangout Thirsty Beaver. This roots rock band features none other than Charlotte mag staff photographer Chris Edwards along with Bob Young and local drummer extraordinaire David "D.K." Kim. No cover for this one. Best deal in town.

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