New York Style Pizza: A Journey

What makes it New York style? Where can I find it? And other important questions

After covering the FREE PIZZA coupon giveaway by Libretto's a few weeks ago, I found myself craving the old New York style pizza of my homeland. 

Upon tasting the Italian standby at Libretto's in Ballantyne, I decided to write down EXACTLY what makes New York pizza it's own entity. By the way, Libretto's was the closest I've had in a long time to the Northeastern version, hitting several of the marks:

What Makes NYC Pizza, NYC Pizza:

1. The crust: In my experience, a New York style crust needs to be crisp and a little bit charred on the bottom, with bubbles in the dough on the top. Overall, it needs to be thin, crisp, but still pliable — because it needs to be folded in order to be eaten.

2. The sauce: A little more on the sweet side than the savory side, the tomato sauce for a New York style slice (yes — they're slices, not pieces; and it's a pie, not a pizza) needs to use canned, uncooked tomatoes from California or Italy. You'd never use same sauce that would be used for pasta, which is too thick and overly-seasoned.

3. The cheese: The cheese needs to be mozzarella, plain and simple. I once heard of a pizzeria using cheddar cheese. This is a travesty in every way, although it was pretty delicious. 

So, the verdict: Libretto's was pretty close to the real thing. 

Where in Charlotte have you found great NYC-style pizza?
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