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Drive-In Movie Theaters Near Charlotte

The drive-in movie theater inspires nostalgia for many, as the venues were more plentiful during previous decades. Still, there are three within an hour’s drive of Charlotte. These screenings usually begin at dark, as is the drive-in theater way. There…

City's Major League Soccer Team Named: Charlotte FC

Charlotte FC, it is. Charlotte’s Major League Soccer franchise announced the team's name, colors, and crest during a live show today. Charlotte Football Club, or Charlotte FC, is the name. The team's color scheme is blue, black, white, and silver.…

Outmanned Old Party: The GOP in Charlotte, Past and Present

Not long ago, the Republican Party was a political force here, exerting influence on budgets and policies even when they lacked majorities on the City Council and county commission. Those days have gone, and plans for the 2020 Republican convention collapsed. What happened—and what might make the pendulum swing back?