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Essay: The Present of My Dad's Past

An old leather jacket from the Village and another era. An ex-archeologist who preserves what she or someone else has dug up. Here’s a holiday story about the gifts we salvage from years and lives past

Here Are the 2021 Charlotteans of the Year

If 2020 was the year COVID staggered us, 2021 was when we regained some balance. From an inventive doctor, to an activist who created physical space for people in need, to caring stewards of rescue pets, to a resourceful reporter, our Charlotteans of the Year embraced a key to survival: adaptability.

2021 Charlotteans of the Year: Jossie Lukacik

Pastry chef Jossie Lukacik opened Sweet Spot Studio in 2018 to host classes and workshops for amateur and professional bakers. But the Oakwold studio also houses a commercial kitchen where local bakers who couldn’t otherwise afford to rent a workspace…

2021 Charlotteans of the Year: 5th Street Group

In a year when restaurants were consistently short-staffed and hard pressed to pay employees a living wage, one restaurant group decided they could do better. 5th Street Group, whose portfolio includes 5Church and La Belle Helene, introduced “Tip the Kitchen”…

Inside NoteWorthy, a Multi-Genre Collaboration Between Charlotte Musicians

Charlotte’s classical radio station and a handful of classical musicians wanted to break out of their ‘Beethoven box.’ A bunch of musicians in other genres yearned to discover what—and who—the box contained. A program called NoteWorthy has put them all on the same stage, and its joyful noise might make the walls that subdivide our music scene come tumbling down

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