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To the Bitter South End: A Night Out in Charlotte

I moved here from Minneapolis in January and had not yet experienced the delights of Charlotte nightlife. What follows is an account of my baptism by mozzarella sticks, soccer hooligans, Korean liquor, karaoke, and tennis shoes that I swear were white when the evening began

Here Are the 2022 BOB Awards: The Best of the Best in Charlotte

We’ve made it through the last couple of years semi-intact, at least; the torrent of mask requirements, variants, and guidelines that seemed to change with the winds recalibrated our lifestyles and habits, not to mention where we desperately sought diversion. Yet business owners and proprietors made do, and we celebrate them with the 2022 BOBs, our annual compendium of the Best of the Best in food, entertainment, shopping, and just plain living. That we can still do, and good luck to whatever might keep us from trying.

PHOTOS: Charlotte FC Bests Atlanta United

The I-85 rivalry continued today with a Charlotte FC victory over Atlanta United in a nationally televised match. The 1-0 win was decided by a goal in the 11th minute by Jordy Alcívar, who was then named man of the…

4 Charlotte Events to Know: April 2022

Mind Matters One in five U.S. adults—about 52.9 million people—suffers from mental illness, says the National Institute for Mental Health. So now that we’ve spent two-plus years talking about physical health, let’s talk about the psyche. Discovery Place Science and…

The Rise and Fall of the Epicentre

Until a few years ago, Afshin Ghazi’s nightlife hub was the place to be, and be seen, in Charlotte. But the good times quickly faded with financial troubles, increasing violence, COVID, and, today, foreclosure and its third sale. What happened, and what’s next?

The Queen's Gambit: Behind Charlotte's Arts Sector Shake-Up

For decades, the City of Charlotte helped fund the Arts & Science Council, an independent nonprofit. In 2021, the city changed tack: It appointed Priya Sircar as its first arts and culture officer and assembled a board to distribute funding and develop a long-range plan. Could the move help turn Charlotte into a cultural destination?

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