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Band of Brothers

A lot of ink and a few too many thesauri have been used trying to describe the music made by the Avett Brothers. Some of the attempts are interesting, some are close to accurate, and some are downright ridiculous. Of…

Catawba River Rising

"HEY!" "THE RIVER IS NOT A TRASH CAN!" Catawba Riverkeeper Donna Lisenby's voice booms, echoing off the underside of Lake Wylie's Buster Boyd Bridge. She's yet to see the culprit, the person responsible for dirt and debris sprinkling into the…

How 'Big Cat' Made the Team

Johnny Unitas had given Baltimore the title, and nothing could be bigger than the NFL championship. But what about the follow-up season in 1959? The city of Baltimore was intoxicated by a yearlong celebration, but could Unitas and the Colts…

Not Just Barbecue

Bill Spoon is selling more than chopped pork at his restaurant—he’s selling a recipe for Southern romanticism that’s increasingly hard to find

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