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Essay: The Case for Charlotte Music, Post-COVID

Just as Charlotte began to lay a foundation for something it’s notoriously lacked over the years—the ability to sustain a vibrant, distinctive local music scene—the pandemic snatched it away, as it did so much else. Was it a lethal blow? This magazine’s longtime editor, now a driver of a local music initiative, grabs the mic to argue: Hell, no

What the Home Office Boom Looks Like in Charlotte

Anthony Moore and Matt Connolly met as students at Northeastern University in Boston and transferred to UNC Wilmington together in the early 2000s. They founded the building company Pike Properties in 2008 and began to flip small starter homes in…

Essay: A Tree Grows

My late wife brought Fiona, a fiddle-leaf fig, into our new home and nurtured her to the end. Through emptiness, doubt, and pain, I cared for Fiona, too, and learned a thing or two about life and regeneration