Nine-Year-Old Reacts To The Hornets, Rufus, Taffy

A new name. A new beginning. And an old dream. About taffy
Jeremy Markovich
MJ. Okay.

On Tuesday evening, Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan announced that he had filed paperwork earlier in the day to change his team's name to the Hornets, the namesake of the NBA squad that played here from 1988-2002. After the press conference, I wandered into the draft lottery open house at Time Warner Cable Arena and met the Hash family:

Eugene Hash, father: I was kinda filling them in. They’re a little too young to remember the Hornets.

Ayden Hash, age 9: I have an excellent memory.

Me: So, what do you remember?

Ayden: I had a dream from like two years ago, and I can still remember it.

Me: Oh yeah?

Ayden: It was a very very very very very very very very very very very long time ago.

Me: What was it about?

Ayden: I saw a giant taffy store, and there was a giant like…

Eugene: This is like an AT&T commercial right now.

Ayden: There was layers of taffy balls, like it was like a layered cake, a small one, medium, big. And it was like that, but it was like six layers of it. It was filled with taffy!

Me: That’s a lot of taffy.

Ayden (whispering): I love taffy.

Eugene: Does that have anything to do with the Charlotte Hornets?


Me: Do you remember the Charlotte Hornets?

Ayden: No.

Me: How old are you?

Ayden: Nine.

Me: What do you like better, the Charlotte Bobcats or the Charlotte Hornets?

Ayden: Hmmmmm…

Me: Well?

Ayden: Hornets!

Eugene: I like the Hornets better.

Ayden: I like the colors!

Me: What about you?

Waverly (Ayden's sister): Hehehehehe. Hornets.

Eugene: It’s just a cool name. I think it’s an exciting name.

Me: What are they going to do with Rufus?

Eugene: Heh.


Eugene: He’s the current mascot.


Eugene: The cat.

Ayden: Never seen him.

Eugene: You’ve seen him before.

Ayden: I don’t remember.


Ayden: I don’t remember!

Eugene: You’re the one with the memory, right?

Me: Yeah, where’s the memory? When’s the last time you were at a game?

Ayden: I’ve never been to a game.

Eugene: I’ve been to several, but I’ve never brought the whole family.

Me: So what got you down here tonight?

Eugene: A phone call actually.

Ayden: He got invited.

Eugene: I got a phone call saying they’re having a draft party and an open house, a lot of cool things so come on out. I kinda heard a lot of buzz about them making the announcement about the name, so I thought, cool.

Ayden: Buzz, nice one. Buzz.

Eugene: Buzz. Yeah.