Notes on the news

Interesting goings-on of late. Michael Jordan and Larry Brown have the Charlotte Bobcats in playoff contention, which no one would have predicted at the beginning of the season. Also: They're selling out games. It seems that winning cures all ills.

Also, the O's Rick Rothacker reports that April is a pivotal month for BofA's Ken Lewis. Could Obama fire him like he did Wagoner? Unlikely, but then again "as the economy turns" has become the world's most gripping soap opera. 


And did anyone really think that WSOC and Time Warner wouldn't come to an agreement? Although the Observer must have loved the dispute, because Time Warner took out huge ads to plead its case to consumers.

And some truly inspired writing in the O today by Kathleen Purvis. Her piece on Hog Heaven, the world's first all-pork resort in Shanklin, N.C. was a great read. It may be April 1 and all, but we actually wouldn't mind sampling the resort's house cocktail: smoked bourbon and crispy bacon in a glass rimmed with bacon-flavored salt. By the way, congrats to Purvis on her well-deserved James Beard Award nomination.

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