Now THIS Is Newspapering

Regular readers of this blog know that the daily paper can sometimes take a beating in this space, but I feel compelled to point out that yesterday, The Observer took a break from covering the opening of the light rail to practice some good old-fashioned journalism.

For Monday's paper, reporter Melissa Manware wrote this story about a jailed woman who was not allowed to pump breast milk for her baby. The two-month old has been crying incessantly, had a rash, and would not keep down formula. Her pastor had been at the jail for hours trying to convince authorities to allow the woman to pump some breast milk, to no avail. The woman was in jail because she was arrested for shoplifting (she claims her brother put a CD and DVD in her stroller without her knowledge), and when authorities booked her, they discovered that her vias had expired in 2005. 

Today, Manware posted online a new story . It looks like a judge will waive the $500 bond, which the woman cannot pay, so that she can be freed (until her court date) to nurse her baby.

"Afflict the comfortable, and comfort the afflicted." That's the short definition of journalism, and that's what Manware did. Bravo.

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