NY-Style Pizza Battle

A cheesy, giant battle unfolded this week ...
Sarah Nowicki

I t's a bit of a sore subject for most Northern transplants, but pizza in Charlotte, and the South in general, isn't fabulous. With a huge influx of transplants from places like New Jersey and New York, you'd think that there would be pretty decent pizza (and bagels, but that's an argument for another time) down here.

My boyfriend, whose Sicilian ancestry make it impossible for him to stomach anything remotely not-NY style in terms of pizza, has been on a quest to find the most authentic New York pizza outside of New York. I think he has succeeded.

Two clear winners have emerged: Luigi's on South Tryon and Tony's Pizza in Ballantyne.

Luigi's: The slices are pretty big, but the telltale sign of this being pretty close to the real thing is the cheese and grease ratio. The best pizza leaves a steady puddle of orange/red grease collecting under the slice as you bite in. Luigi's achieved this. Also, in terms of sauce-to-cheese ration, cheese should cover the sauce, but the sauce should stay just wet enough underneath that the dough is borderline soft. The crust must be crunchy on the bottom, with bubbles on the actual end piece. Hats off to Luigi's for making me miss the homeland.

Tony's: If Luigi's slices are big, Tony's are ginormous. I ordered two plain slices of pizza from here, and I think one was bigger than my puppy. The crust game wasn't quite as strong as Luigi's, since it was a bit softer underneath than true New York-style pizza, but the sauce-to-cheese ratio was perfect. Also, the grease situation was spot on. I did like the end crust on Tony's pizza a bit more than Luigi's, too. 

So, fellow transplants, Yankees, and curious true Southerners: If you want a true taste of NY-style pie (it is pie, not pizza… get it together), try either Luigi's or Tony's.

Did I miss a good NY style place? Let me know in the comments!

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