Observer: Has It Come To This? Also, Don’t Miss Mike Collins in Oliver!

Two-fer post this morning:

First, has it come to this, Charlotte Observer? Do you actually have to bribe people to read the newspaper?
Apparently so. The skyline atop today's front page: "Win Van Halen Tickets | Where to Get Free Stuff." Seriously? I thought I was reading the back of the cereal box for a second. (OK, OK, we did run a contest to drive people to this fancy new Web site. But that's different, right? I mean, it's new.)
On a completely different but still related to local media note: You really should go see Mike Collins, host of WFAE's Charlotte Talks (on right this very momeny!) in Theatre Charlotte's Oliver! He plays Fagin, the guy who parents the band of pickpockets. First of, he's unrecognizable. He wears a lot of dirty makeup, the special British edition of fake bad teeth, and a rascally wig (which the Observer's Julie York Coppens hated, but whatever). Second, he does a magnificent job. He pours himself in this role and looks like he has a great time doing it. He almost steals the show (the kid who plays Oliver is pretty good, too. As is Kathryn Stamas as the whore with a heart of gold. But I digress). Anyway, if you get a chance, go see it. It's playing this weekend and next. Tickets here. (disclosure: I serve on the board of TC. But I really mean what I wrote.)
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