Online Finds: Chictopia

Ok, you know that feeling when you put on an outfit in the morning and you’re thinking “does this actually work or is my coffee-deprived brain playing tricks on me again?” Well, wonder no longer.

Chictopia, a fashion hub/social networking site offers the opportunity for you to connect with fashionistas like yourself across the world. Once you’re registered, fill in all of your fashion info and then upload photos for feedback. Sure, your roommate might have looked at you like you’d lost your mind when you walked out of the house in that dress with those shoes, but on Chictopia, like-minded fashion lovers will be raving over the shot you uploaded of yourself in it.

Use it as a great online spot for stylish ideas or use it as an ego boost for your fashionable ways—either way, the world is a more stylish place and our work here has been done.

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