Online Finds: (Featuring Laura James Jewelry!)

Yes, we all love Etsy, but as it has grown from a cult site for underground crafters into an enormous marketplace for emerging and established artists alike, it started to get a little… overwhelming, no?  If you like to discover new designers, but would prefer a bit more of a "curated" focus in your online marketplace then it’s time you checked out

This clever new site seeks out talented designers from all over the country to add to their site as featured designer boutiques, including our very own local jewel master, Laura James.  You can shop her Fashion Stake boutique right here (hint: these are items you can’t buy on her regular website).  But, this website also has an "American Idol"-like twist. They bring in a few items from new designers and let shoppers vote to decide who and what on the site as a "Crowd Favorite" and rewards the shoppers who choose the winning designs.

Happy clicking! Let us know what you think.

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