Online Finds: IKEA Furniture Covers

Been to the new IKEA yet? If you haven’t made the trek up I-85, it is time. The crowds are finally starting to die down—you may not even have to wait in line for your Swedish meatballs—and there is an insanely large store up there just bursting with economically priced home items. (Like, “economically” by even today’s economic standards.)

And, we have a little hint for you. If you’re like us, you love the shape and style of many of IKEA’s sofas and chairs, but their upholstery just isn’t exactly what you were looking for. On the other hand, getting upholstery custom made kind of takes away that “economically” bit we were talking about before. The solution? A nifty little site,

Here, they offer more than 90 designs and colors in 8 different fabrics all designed to fit perfectly on your new IKEA furniture. It’s pure genius. It’s also available at a few clicks of a button. So, brave the crowds and hit IKEA. Then take the quiet web route for some extra-unique covers.

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