Online Finds: Leigh & Luca Scarves

Before you even click to check these guys out, we feel we should give you fair warning that these aren’t on the cheaper end of scarves. In fact, with prices in the two and three hundreds, by our standards, they’re a bit expensive. However, with designs this cool, they may actually be worth it.

The scarves, by Leigh & Luca, over sized, vibrantly colored, luxurious wraps come in fabrics like cotton or cashmere with designs and are totally bohemian. In fact, one of the scarves does actually have bohemian written across it. Obvious? Perhaps. But still stylishly fabulous we think.

And, if you’re still feeling a little unsure on how to wear your scarves, they offer an entire page of ideas and even a video from one of the company’s co-creators sharing her scarf wearing tips.

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