Online Finds: Madewell

This weekend I finally had the chance to check out a Madewell store. The store, which is owned by the same people who brought you J. Crew, hasn’t made it to too many locations yet. (There are actually only 10 store locations right now.) After perusing Atlanta’s Lenox Square store location though, it’s definitely worth the stop if you’re in a city where one is around. (Other relatively “close” locations include Tyson’s Corner in northern Virginia a store in Annapolis Maryland.)

So, why am I telling you about this on a Charlotte shopping blog? Well, although their site doesn’t offer e-commerce yet, you can check out the items online and call to place an order. And while seriously, that is so 1990’s J. Crew-ish of them, it could just be worth it.

They’ve got great looks (think the kind of thing a J. Crew dresser’s little sister would wear) and their prices aren’t too over the top. It’s kind of a J. Crew meets Forever 21 type of style and as strange as that sounds, it works.

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