Online Finds: Spanx 8th Anniversary

It’s Saturday morning.

Not that we do this because we only eat salads and drink water*, but there’s a rumor going around that some people tend to over indulge on Friday nights. So, Saturday morning comes and you’re thinking “Great, tonight I’m supposed to wear that cute, new dress (the one that clings to every curve) to that party with my friends. And right now there are more than a few curves for it to cling to, most of which can be attributed to an excessive intake of baklava at last night’s Greek Festival.”

Don’t despair. In honor of their 8th anniversary, Spanx (the best thing since sliced bread wouldn’t quit sticking to our hips) is offering 30% off any order on when you follow the instructions above. You’ll be wrapped up, tucked in, and baklava-bump free in no time.

*This statement is a blatant lie.

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