Our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Boxes wrapped in silver and gold, stacked high with bows on top. What’s inside? Here are 123 ideas


Stylist: Erica Hanks   

Styling Assistant: Sarah Farber 

Photographs by Adam Whitlow

Photography Assistant: Taylor Gill

Produced by Jane Fields and Melissa Stutts

Edited by Emma Way


For the Brewmaster

(Top of page, left to right) Malty beer glass, $38.50; Subtle beer glass, $38.50; Aromatic beer glass, $38.50, Pretentious Glass Co.


Firestone Dark & Stormy Vintage No. 02, $11.99, Rhino Market, 704-348-1428
Classic Tool pincer and pipe wrench bottle openers, $9.95 each, Paper Skyscraper, 704-333-7130
Chillsner, $25, Magnolia Emporium, 704-248-6808
Craft Ginger Ale, $7.99 for four, Unknown Brewing Co., 980-237-2628
Sierra Nevada Trip in the Woods, $21.99, Rhino Market
Growler satchel, $35, Lenny Boy Brewing Co., 980-585-1728
Beer log, $44.95, Paper Skyscraper

For the Audiophile

Master & Dynamic headphones, $400, Taylor Richards & Conger, 704-366-9092
Aston microphones, Origin Cardioid, $270; Spirit, $450, Guitar Center, University, 704-547-1613
Fender Newport Bluetooth speaker, $200, Guitar Center, University
The Eyebrows (Volume), $18.99, Lunchbox Records, 704-331-0788
Old Faith (Old Faith), $19.99, Refresh Records
Temperance League (Space Aquarium), $18.99, Lunchbox Records
Ancient Cities (Ancient Cities), $14.99, Refresh Records
Junior Astronomers (Body Language), $11.99 CD + Digital, Refresh Records
Wooden Shjips (V.), $20, Tabor, 980-207-4860
Michael Nau & Mighty Thread (Relearn to Boogie), $20, Tabor


Gretsch Players Edition Jet guitar, Cadillac green, $2,199, Midwood Guitar Studio, 980-265-1976
Vintage Script T-shirt, $14.99, Refresh Records
Guitar strap, $39.99, Guitar Center, University
APC flannel shirt, $295, Tabor
Raleigh denim pants, $209, Tabor

For the Well Traveled

Karine Laval Poolscape #80 print, price upon request, SOCO Gallery, 980-498-2881 
Louis Vuitton Mono Keepall bandoulière, $1,550, Charlotte’s, 980-299-7162
Diego leather bench, $2,350, Abode, 704-332-3731
Lamberto Losani poncho, $575, TRC W, 704-366-2905
Dee Keller Tori sandal with fur, $435, Sloan Boutique, 704-338-1400
Leather duffle bag, $965, Taylor Richards & Conger


Tumi suitcase, $645, Tumi SouthPark, 704-714-8864
Red Wing Foreman chukka boot, $259, Tabor
SMN studio jeans, $240, Taylor Richards and Conger
Bomber jacket, $450, Evolution of Style
Common Projects toiletry bag, $395, Tabor
Raleigh denim jeans, $209, Tabor
Martin Dingman leather belt, $85, Taylor Richards & Conger
Oobe brand sweater, $228, Tabor
Classic twill cap, $45, Tabor
ELEVENTY flannel shirt, $355, Taylor Richards & Conger
Oliver Peoples Clifton sunglasses, $445, Tabor
Dries Van Noten printed scarf, $265, Tabor

For the Activist

(Opposite) We Are the Resistance Star Wars pin, $2.99, Common Market, 980-207-3187
Mignonne Gavigan love pin, $225, Neiman Marcus, 704-442-7900
Black Lives Matter pin, $3, Pura Vida, 704-335-8587
Ruth Bader Ginsburg pin, $12, Girl Tribe, 704-249-9910
Dissent Protects Democracy pin, $3, Pura Vida
The Handmaid’s Tale pin, $10, Main Street Books 
League of Unstoppable Women pin, $12, FeministGoodsCo, Etsy
The Future is Female pin, $5.95, Paper Skyscraper
Rainbow bar lapel pin, $8.99, White Rabbit, 704-377-4067
Dance and Marvel denim jacket, $82, Girl Tribe
She Will Not Be Silenced T-shirt, $52, Girl Tribe
Laura Mercier Haute red lipstick, $28, Woo Cosmetics, 704-333-0443
Cosmos stone red jasper ring, earrings, and necklaces, model's own


We Can Do It!, $2.99, Common Market
No Means No, $3, Pura Vida
Resist & Persist, $12, FeministGoodsCo

Main Street Books, 704-892-6841
Paper Skyscraper, 704-333-7130
Park Road Books, 704-525-9239

For Their Zen Time

(Clockwise from top): Agate slice with Pavé diamonds, $1,200, B.D. Jeffries, 704-364-4004
Delicate tones necklace, $85, Twine & Twig
Purple amethyst cluster, $85, Abode, 704-332-3731
Rock Candy cuff, $28, Boem, 704-817-7009
Crystal votive (plant not included), Amodernary Furniture Design, 704-390-0984
Cindy Ensor Spanish coin bracelet, $35, Storey Home, 704-496-9902
Marble slab with gold edge, $35, B.D. Jeffries
Burning bouquet, $10, Covet Atelier
Glass and nature fluorite talisman, $145, B.D. Jeffries
Japan dish, $18, Pura Vida
Assorted stones, (Apophyllite $15-20 depending on size, Blue calcite $3, Indigo Gabbro $11, Black tourmaline raw $6), Sanctuary Imports, 980-237-4780


Triangle planter, $45, Covet Atelier (plants not included)
21” Buddha, $110, Wildology, 704-443-9000
Sodalite votive, $38, B.D. Jeffries (plant not included)
Safari square end table, $699, Amodernary Furniture Design, 704-390-0984
Diane Cotton moonstone necklace light $390; Cristina V. Glass trade beads, $245, Sloan
Baobab Elements candle, $125, B.D. Jeffries
Nepal hand-hammered singing bowl, with striker and pillow, $300, Pura Vida
Sisal rug, $140, Abode
Lavender Turkish area rug, $295, Storey Home, 704-496-9902

Just a Little Bit Out There

Black NYC sweater, $79, Boris and Natasha, 704-375-0079 
Joie dress, $548, Neiman Marcus, 704-442-7900
Assorted gold rings, $12-$32, Boem, 704-817-7009
Christian Louboutin booties, $995, Neiman Marcus 
Wendy wicker stool, $575, B.D. Jeffries


Seatbelt Grab skateboard deck, price upon request, Stephen Wilson Studio, 704-206-1281
Utile 4 Rock & Roll Skull green shoehorn, $195, Neiman Marcus
Charlotte Simone Chunky Monkey multicolored fur scarf, $375, Neiman Marcus
Iron Fist tote bag, $28, Stash Pad, 980-224-7321
Alexander McQueen Creature of Paradise skull scarf, $345, Neiman Marcus
Melissa unisex rainboots, $124, Boris and Natasha       
Oversized sunglasses, $10, Boris and Natasha
Gucci small logo shoulder bag, $1,790, Capitol, 704-366-0388
Qilin unicorn and butterfly sculpture, price upon request, Stephen Wilson Studio

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