Panthers Talk Hornets

On the eve of their nationally televised game with the Saints, the Panthers share their thoughts about Wednesday's return of the Hornets.

Ron Rivera: Panthers head coach

"I think it's awesome. It's great for the city. The city is into the sports scene right now, and this adds a little bit more excitement into what's going on. The buzz and the growl right now are pretty good."

Brenton Bersin: Panthers wide receiver, Charlotte native

“I’m a big Hornets fan now and I was growing up. I remember going to the Coliseum — we had season tickets, me and my brother would go with my dad and mom — I remember the little blimp that would go around and drop free tickets and all the kids would run after them. And Hugo would do the flips. So I’m excited to see Charlotte get excited for basketball again.”

Josh Norman: Panthers cornerback; Greenwood, S.C. native

"It’s way better. When you grew up, you always knew who the Charlotte Hornets were. Little Muggsy, Larry Johnson, Alonzo Mourning, it was crazy. The Bobcats, they were tough to really get into. But the Hornets, that’s a lot easier."

Charles Johnson: Panthers defensive end; had Bobcats' season tickets

“I think it’ll bring back that old Charlotte feel. They should have gone with the old colors, but it’s all good. I like the Hornets, I like what they’re doing. Plus, when they play, they compete. It’s a good game to go to and watch."

Thomas Davis: Panthers linebacker; LeBron James Fan first; Hornets fan second

"I do have season tickets. I will be there this year. I think it’s going to create a new energy, a new buzz for that team. I definitely feel like they’re going to make a deep playoff run this year."

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