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How to: dress for engagement photos

Engagement photo dressing can easily be as stressful as choosing your ensemble for the big day. They are the first commemorative photos for the beginning of a lifetime together and should be just as timeless as your wedding photos. Age aside, you won't want to look back in 20 years unable to comprehend why you would wear such an outfit. That said, here are several tips any bride to-be can follow to ensure she looks impeccable in her photos. 


Solid Effort

Keep prints to a minimum. Solid colors are overall more flattering as well as more timeless. Should you choose to do a print, keep it small–larger prints can be overwhelming as well as distracting in photos. Often they are unflattering on the figure too. Dainty florals or small polka dots, when done right, can be sweet. Just be sure to pair them with solids to create a balance. Avoid loud animal prints or ultra-trendy patterns. Again, the key here is timelessness. 

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Two For One

Most engagement photo sessions entail two looks. One should be more casual and one, more dressy. For the casual, let it be a reflection of your everyday style. If you're a sandals and ballet flats kind of girl, skip the stilettos for this one. For the wardrobe change, don't overdo it. A sweet sundress with an espadrille is plenty dressy. Keep in mind that the more out-of-the-ordinary the outfit, the more uncomfortable you'll feel when taking the photos. Always stay true to yourself and your innate style. 

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Coloring Box

Since you'll likely be donning white, come wedding day, now is the time to embrace color. Saturated hues make for fantastic photos. Use this to your advantage! 

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A Fitting Choice

Above all else, fit is key. Make the trip to the tailor for your dress or spend the extra hour in the fitting room finding the perfect pair of jeans. Get second and third opinions from friends and family. The better the fit, the more flattering the photo. 

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His and Hers 

Coordinate color palettes and styles with your fiance. Though it should ultimately be a reflection of both individual style, you should try to avoid clashing ensembles. If anything, it makes for a superb excuse to take your man shopping! What girl could say no to that?


Girls (and boys) Just Want To Have Fun

The bottom line: have fun! Be playful, pensive and loving in your photos. Choose a photographer with whom you're completely comfortable so he or she is able to capture the most candid shots. Choose a location you absolutely love and savor this moment. It's a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. The goal is to capture all facets of the love you have for one another in these photos. Relax and smile!

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