Praise Be: The Hawthorne Lane Bridge Has Reopened

In the final days of a long and grinding year, the overpass returns, bearing gifts
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Wait. This is confusing. I was not emotionally prepared for this gift, even four days before Christmas. I had recalibrated to 2020’s apparent course—the long road to Crapville, don’t expect anything nice, it’s not that kind of year, be happy for what you have. And then it came upon a Monday afternoon clear, a nugget of pure gold dropped casually by the gods of multimodal transit—they finished the Hawthorne Lane Bridge. They finished the Hawthorne Lane Bridge, people! Like, you can drive on it! Let Waze and the church say Amen! Three-and-a-half years have gone by—42 or so months of the long way to and from Elizabeth, the sitcom twist of the wrong-sized girders (aw, man, they don’t fit!), the longing looks of motorists creeping along the old freeway. One day, they thought. One day. It has arrived with the year’s shortest day: Charlotte’s longest wait, over. May your holidays be filled with love, warmth, and light to accompany, at long last, a way to get across Independence without having to detour all the way to Briar freakin’ Creek.

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