Road Trip Time Nears: 4 Must-Visit Cities Within 4 Hours of Charlotte

As you dip your toes back into travel, a look at a few nearby options for weekend getaways

As the vaccine rollout continues, Charlotteans are beginning to travel again. Here are four reasonably close road trips that are ideal weekend getaways for the spring or summer. Each of the cities we’re suggesting offer resorts or hotels with strict COVID guidelines, from occupancy to cleaning. All offer a much-needed change of scenery after the past year:

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A Savannah Itinerary
The picturesque Southern city is a college students’ playground. As a weekend getaway, it never gets old


Yeah, That Greenville
It’s a blend of Southern charm and urban boom, and it’s emerging as a foodie destination. Explore Greenville, South Carolina, before everyone else does

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Richmond By the Crowler
How did Virginia’s capital transform into the East Coast’s craft beer flagship city? Here’s The Answer

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Photo by Logan Cyrus

A Mountain Escape in Burnsville
A desire for isolation brings people here. A close-knit community keeps them. If you’re headed to the hills this fall, this town northeast of Asheville might surprise you


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