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Ron Dock wanted to re-create the look and feel of an English pub in his third-story, 1,154-square-foot loft while his wife, Elayne, was adamant about creating a modern space that seamlessly connected the billiards area, bar, and theater room. To accommodate both, architects/designers Toby Witte and John Nourbakhsh of Dialect Design stained the woodwork an espresso brown, providing an Old English feel, while everything from the concrete bar and pendant lights to the stained glass and smooth, clean lines offered a contemporary look. 




Dialect Design, 3204-C North Davidson Street, 704-763-0506,

Bar counter

Three-eighths-inch thick black walnut boards were stretched and bent to create this curvilinear shape.

Concrete counter

The concrete countertop pairs stainless steel appliances and a removable black walnut cutting board.

Countertop accent lighting

A soft light shines through a thin slice of agate illuminating glasses and bottles of liquor.

Stained glass

Multi-layered stained glass adds a touch of color.

Crown molding/baseboards

A twist on traditional molding and baseboards—pine and hardboard accents.

Seating for movie watching

Angled nooks took advantage of previously unused space creating extra seating and much-needed storage.

Color scheme

The paint color (Benjamin Moore “Midsummer Night”) is both traditional and modern. Get it in an eggshell finish.

Pendant lights

Barely noticeable pendant lights make the bar area feel ultra-modern.

Resources: Concrete: Reaching Quiet, 704-597-5332, Wood countertop: Signature, Custom Woodworking, 336-983-9905. Lighting: Metro Lighting, 704-375-4563. Stained glass: Celestial Glassworks, 704-938-7089.

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