Rumor, Rumor…Kevin Garnett’s Lil’ Brother?

In the magazine world, we don’t usually publish breaking news. We’re a monthly magazine so we have to focus on giving you stories that offer a broader perspective than what is occurring day to day. But thanks to our handy blog here, we can give you news when we receive it. I got a call this afternoon about “a private workout taking place tomorrow for a new Bobcat, Louis McCullough. He’s Kevin Garnett’s little brother,” the caller said.

I received those details on my voicemail, so when I called the guy back I was able to ask him more questions. He says it isn’t a done deal, but he expects McCullough to be signed by the Charlotte Bobcats “once it’s all said and done.”

I can’t make any assertions either way, but a story posted this afternoon on says: “Charlotte Bobcats point guard Jeff McInnis is being waived with less than two months left in season, a team source confirmed. The source gave no indication why the Bobcats are making this move.”

This could be the indication.

The Bobcats certainly need help on the court. The team might be getting Kevin Garnett’s little brother—a guard who’s played in the British Basketball League and World Basketball Association. Too bad they aren’t getting Kevin Garnett.

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