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Notes on MOB dressing

In continuation of our week devoted to mom, we're discussing MOB dresses. So if your mother is stressing over what to wear for your big day–and she likely is, be sure to share the following tips with her to help ease the process. A few additional things to keep in mind: Go together. Accompany mom on her shopping expedition. She'll not only appreciate the help, but you can be sure that her dress looks cohesive in style with yours as well as your bridal party's. Don't forget accessories. A bright idea: have her don the same necklace or earrings your bridesmaids will be wearing. Finally, have fun. Now that the stress of choosing your own dress is gone, let your mom have her moment. She'll appreciate it more than you know. Now, onto the rules…

1. Palette Picker. Hold off on beginning your search until the bridesmaids have selected dresses. Once they've chosen a color and length, then you can go from there. A good rule of thumb is to stay within the color palette of the bouquets. This way you'll be sure to have a non-clashing color for your dress. 

2. Jacket {not} Required. Pass on the passé dress/jacket set. You'll want to look fresh, of the moment, and age appropriate. This type of jacket is instantly aging. For those who are insecure of arms, opt for an elegant long or short-sleeved number with an interesting neckline. Play up your assets rather than don a dowdy jacket. 

3. Neutral Nos. Steer clear of white or ivory. Don't steal the moment from the bride. Likewise, if her bridesmaids are wearing playful pastels, wearing bold black will look out of place. 

4. Little Details. Once you've selected your dress, discuss appropriate undergarments with a store associate. Just like the bride's dress, appropriate and proper-fitting shapewear is essential to the final look. 

5. Tailor Made. When in doubt, work with your local tailor to construct the dress you want. She will use all of your measurements to construct one that's a perfect fit and perfectly flattering of your body type. Often times, you'll end up saving money in doing this. Keep in mind, whether shopping for one or having one made, you'll want to begin the process at least 3 months prior to your daughter's "I do."


wedding photo: The Schultzes, illustration: etsy

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