Sean “Talking Baby” Keenan Is Back

Anyone who remembers the late, great Perch comedy theater, a sketch comedy outfit that ran here for nearly ten years before folding over real estate issues, remembers Talking Baby. The creation of Sean Keenan, Talking Baby was an anatomically correct baby doll who reviewed movies with the profane edge of an over-the-hill Jewish comic working the upstate New York nightclub circuit. The character went on to star in commercials for MTV, and Keenan has gone on to appear on Comedy Central. Now Keenan is back with a new sketch comedy show in Charlotte.

Together with director Blaine Miller, who was one of the co-founders of The Perch, Keenan has launched a new sketch comedy group called "Robot Johnson" (do I sense a Bob Johnson reference?). Starting December 7, shows are every Friday night at 10 pm, at Plaza-Midwood's Charlotte Comedy Theater (which is run by improv queen Keli Semelsberger, who is also in the cast of Robot Johnson). Tickets (sold online and over the phone) are $10. The cast also includes other Perch alumni.

“Blaine is more awesome than I am, and I’m totally awesome,” says Keenan in an e-mail. “These shows are going to be sold out. Robot Johnson is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Here's Robot Johnson's myspace page . And here's an article I wrote about The Perch and Talking Baby back in 2001 . Finally, here's a profile of Semelsberger (and the art of improv) that Meg Whalen wrote for us a year and a half ago (in other words, waaayy before the Observer's recent article).

In Charlotte, the city too busy to laugh, Robot Johnson is a welcome addition.

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