Set Your Mouth On Fire

The "World's Hottest Burrito" is here in Charlotte

Some of us, like yours truly, are gluttons for punishment when it comes to spice. You'll find me dousing just about everything with one of the 15 hot sauces I keep on hand in my apartment. 

Apparently, the geniuses at Salsarita's and Puckerbutt Pepper Company are a group after my own heart. They've teamed up to create the "World's Hottest Burrito" which will be available at Salsarita's throughout Charlotte for the next several weeks. What makes it so hot? The world's hottest pepper (and the Guinness World Record Holder), Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper, is featured in a blazing-hot mash on each burrito, which also has grilled chicken, black beans, rice, Pueblo Corn Salsa, tomatoes, and cilantro. Half of each $12.99 Hottest Burrito sale will go to benefit Dove's Nest, the Charlotte Rescue Mission's charity initiative which helps at-risk women make life changes. 

If you need more heat, or want to torture yourself in the privacy of your own home, Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper sauce will be sold in Salsarita's restaurants for $25.00 per bottle. Just as a note: the Carolina Reaper is 300 times hotter than a fresh jalapeno. BUT since this is going to a good cause, you should probably suck it up and try this burrito at least once. 

As a side note, if you need proof that this really is ridiculously hot, entertain yourself with this YouTube video of brave men trying the burrito. 

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