So, we kinda cleaned up at MAGS

Spring marks the beginning of awards season in the magazine industry, and we're off to a good start so far. Between Charlotte magazine and our sister publication, Charlotte magazine's Home & Garden, we recently picked up 11 awards from the Magazine Association of the Southeast, including five golds.


Home & Garden picked up golds for Best Single Issue and Best Design. Charlotte magazine won gold for Best Feature (Van Miller's "Fear/Guns" ), Best Profile (Michael Kruse's "Staying Stephen" ), and Best Cover (October's barbecue cover).

Silver awards winners were Charlotte mag for General Excellence, Design, and Single Issue (July). Also winning silver were writer Mike Giglio in the Profile category for "Leap of Faith," his piece on Concord preacher Michael Brown, and columnist Laurie Prince for "Signs of Life," her essay on researching her family tree. Giglio also won honorable mention for "What Goes Up Must Come Down," his story on the impending downfall of Charlotte's investment banking culture.

Congrats to our talented and hard-working staffers and contributors, and thanks to our readers for making it possible. And in case you're really interested, judges' comments on the Gold winners are printed below.

Profile, Charlotte Magazine – November 2008

Judges comments: A superbly written portrait of a budding college superstar basketball player who seems, against all odds, equipped to withstand the onslaught of attention celebrity has brought him.

Cover, Charlotte Magazine – October 2008

Judges comments: Even though there are a lot of different stories on this cover, the controlled design and color palette succeed in focusing my attention on the main idea of "Barbecue". The typography is friendly and inviting and, combined with a strong central image, everything works well together to create a very appealing (and appetizing) package.

Feature, Charlotte Magazine – November 2008

Judges comments: In a country that romances the national right to bear arms, Van Miller in Charlotte Magazine’s “Fear/Guns” seamlessly blends his (and one can assert, the majority’s) misgivings toward this deadly tool of power and concomitantly the almost salacious craving for becoming a master of the gun. The dichotomy of debilitating fear toward guns and being in control with guns is confronted head on in this, at times, perversely humorous feature.

Charlotte Magazine's Home & Garden – Summer 2008

Judges comments: Charlotte Magazine's Home & Garden illustrates the one-two punch a strong collaborative effort between editorial and design can deliver. A damn fine example of how designers can tell a story and how writers can conjure an image.






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