Something Blue

This wedding season, we're so over those same old stale stones sashaying down the aisle. So dodge the diamonds, pass on the pearls, and punch up your bridal brigade with pops of turquoise jewelry. We've taken care of the blue; now you just need something borrowed, old, and new.

Something Blue
  1. Tibetan Turquoise Necklace & Earrings, by Joules Designs, $110 per set, Cottage Chic, 704-334-1105
  2. Flora Ring, $488, poole shop, 704-553-8868
  3. Turquoise and Opalite Chandelier Earrings, by Elsa Lee, $65, Scout & Molly's, 704-817-7009 
  4. Magnesite and Quartz Necklace, by Dizzy Cat Design, $72, Jeffre Scott Apothecary, 704-339-0010
  5. Citrine stone, $1,450, Luxe Home Couture, 704-371-2644
  6. Judith Lee Brooch Necklace, by Kristin Morris, $800,
  7. 18-carat Turquoise-Ruby Applique Bangle Bracelet, $5,125, Elizabeth Bruns Inc., 704-365-3700
  8. 2.6-carat Aquamarine with Half-carat Diamond Accent, $3,895, Skatell's Jewelers, 704-544-0380
  9. Aqua Candy Bauble Bracelet, $92, On-a-String Bead Shop, 704-334-1110
  10. 14-karat yellow gold "Cherie Dorie" Round Brilliant Cut Blue Topaz Earrings, $450, Diamonds Direct, 704-532-9041
  11. 18-karat yellow gold "Carelle" Round Brilliant Cut Blue Topaz Pendant, $450, Diamonds Direct
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