Spice Market

New grocery store Yogi Cash and Carry brings a taste of India to Lake Norman
Chris Edwards

Shilpa Patel used to drive every few weeks to Pineville to stock up on Indian food ingredients and then have to cram them in her cupboards and freezer until the next hour-and-a-half round trip. “Finally, I said to my husband, Ajay, ‘I’ve had it with this!’ And that’s when we decided to open our own Indian market,” says Patel of Yogi Cash and Carry, which opened in February.

Yogi carries produce (it arrives fresh on Thursdays), ready-made meals, spices, Indian snacks, and cookies, as well as Indian jewelry and cultural items like sandalwood powder for morning prayers. While local foodies are enjoying the new shop’s hard-to-find offerings, many of which are vegetarian or vegan, most of the enthusiastic feedback has been from transplants in search of familiar fare. Gita Naik, a banker from Cornelius, says, “I find at Yogi the exact same brands that my mother is buying in India. I can give my grandson the same cookies I grew up eating. It’s a taste of home, close to home.”

Yogi Cash and Carry

871-A Williamson Rd., Mooresville


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