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Bathroom Registry Necessities

With the living room, kitchen and bedroom covered, we are finally winding down on our registry checklist. Next up: the bathroom. If you're dealing with a small space, storage items will be key. And, as with the other rooms, now is the time to go for the investment pieces. Toss out old bath towels and go for accessories with clean lines in classic hues. If you're decorating a guest bath as well, multiply item numbers accordingly. If you're lacking in counter space, be sure to register for storage cabinets as well as shelving. Just remember to check room dimensions before choosing items. 

1. Dipped Laundry basket, $99.00, West Elm (704) 333-0642

2. Stacked apothecary jars, $34-49.00, West Elm

3. John Robshaw Hops shower curtain, $100.00, Isabella (704) 377-4919

4. Antiqued mirror wastebasket, $109.00, Isabella

5. Rattan tissue cover, $38.00, B.D. Jeffries (704) 364-4004

6. Pepper log candles, $120-155.00, B.D. Jeffries

7. Matouk Milagro bath towels, $11-45.00, Isabella

bathroom photo: Charlotte Home + Garden

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