Stand by Your Man

Rehearsal dinner the boys' way

It's easy enough to get wrapped up in bridal bliss during the planning process. With countless occasions of people doting on just you, the resulting self-indulgent high is easy to ride. Couple this with the uncommon absense of the groom when it comes to many things planning-related, and it's no surprise that weddings can easily become a one-woman show. An easy way to keep your focus on the love–and give your husband to-be an unexpected moment in the spotlight is to center the rehearsal dinner around him. Choose a theme that's close to his heart, be it a favorite hobby or film, and plan the night to be just about him. Compile a list of his favorite foods, signature cocktail, sports interests and hobbies. Whiskey fanatic? Create a bar filled with a variety of the best. Beer is always a winner with the boys. Paired with cheeseburger sliders, you've got a perfect combination. For added decor, it can be as simple as some rustic trunks on the periphery of the area. When it comes to dessert, the rehearsal dinner is actually the prime opportunity to utilize a groom's cake. By presenting this guy-themed confection the night before, you eliminate the risk of taking away from the main wedding cake in all its white sugary glory. Another superb option: a rum cake. If your in-laws will be planning the dinner, present the idea to them. Undoubtedly they'll jump right on board for the idea. And who better to help plan an evening centered around your guy than his own parents? 


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