Still Having Fun?

As you may have read/heard/seen, these are [insert adjective of your choice here] times.

Whatever word you chose, it's likely a serious one. And it's true. Never in my lifetime have I known so many people who have lost all or a portion of their jobs. Which would be easier to take if our retirement accounts were still whole.

But that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun. Here at Charlotte magazine, we've been doing this thing we call the BOBs for about a dozen years now. A team of writers and editors spends months ferreting out the best this city has to offer. Then we tell you what we found. As Charlotte has sprawled over the years, that job has been more difficult. But we're not complaining. It just means we have to eat more burgers, get more bikes tuned up, shop for more jeans, and try more nontraditional egg rolls. We have a lot of fun doing it, and we think the resulting twenty-six-page package (p. 54), which was helmed this year by Sarah Crosland and designed by Lisa Summerell, is a lot of fun to read. In recognition of the times, we tried to skew the selections to the budget-friendly end of the spectrum. (Although let's be honest; "best" and "cheapest" don't always go together.) Whether it's half-price wines at the city's best wine bar, a great free family outing, or designer fabric on the cheap, this year's BOBs are loaded with fun value options.

You may notice that this issue has a fresh look. Behind the efforts of Blake Miller, Carrie Campbell, and Lisa Summerell, we have made a few changes that we think streamline and modernize the magazine while also making it easier to navigate. In addition to politics, people, news, and trends, you'll now find our of-the-moment shopping, style, and events coverage within the Buzz section, which has been revamped with striking new fonts and colors. And we've renamed our food and drink section Dish, where you'll still find the city's savviest restaurant and nightlife coverage. Let us know what you think.

Richard Thurmond

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