Super Cam

Cam Newton already has a figurine (MacFarlane toys is releasing 3,000 tiny Cam statues). But that one just poses. This one throws, smiles, and overachieves. Presenting Cam Newton, the action figure.


Click below to enlarge Super Cam and read the details on his exciting accesories. 


Panther Vision
Reads defenses/playbooks. Doesn’t like to see scoreboards late in games

Spiral Action Arm
Throws hard, comes CLOSE to receivers. Like a bazooka with a slightly crooked barrel

Linebacker Chassis
At 6’5”, only tight ends are taller. At 248 pounds, bulkier than two-thirds of his teammates. Ice cube slippery

Auxiliary Power Outlet
For recharging Steve Smith

Interchangable Wardrobe
No. 1 Panthers jersey for games. Under Armour for house-protecting. Marc Jacobs sweaters for GaQ photo shoots/frigid Carolina winters

Cammy Cam Juice
The antidote to haterade (and hater tots). Replaces electrolytes. aFuels 400-plus yard passing performances


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