Talk of the Crown: May 2015

News, gossip, and other buzzworthy bits

“Are you ready to go flying under park guests as they enter the park?” 
Tweet by Bob Gesell ​(@BGesell89), construction manager at Carowinds, about the amusement park’s new 325-foot-tall roller coaster, Fury 325. (Feb. 25)

“He’s in his house but he’s buck naked. Come on.”
Pecolia Threatt, a resident of the Cardinal Glen neighborhood in north Charlotte, where people have complained for years about a neighbor who stands naked in his front doorway. (, Mar. 17)

“SMH at those who will overlook this and continue spending their money at the Ritz-Carlton! Shame on you, if you do!”
Facebook post by Charlottean Tracy Coleman about the 15 percent “CIAA service charge” the uptown Ritz-Carlton added to patrons’ bills in its lobby lounge during the week of the basketball tournament. Some people called it a “black tax” because the CIAA attracts alumni from historically black colleges and universities. The Ritz later issued an apology to any guests who may have been offended by the charge, which the hotel said was not intended to target a specific group. (Mar. 8)

“Unexpected #CLT budget shortage. If everyone is doing their job, should it really be unexpected or a surprise?” 
Tweet by Charlotte realtor Jeff Sny (@JeffSny_REALTOR) about the City of Charlotte’s $15.6 million budget shortfall for the coming year. The gap in funds is larger than the shortfall the city faced during any year of the recession. (Mar. 17)

“Last night’s #cltcc is a disgrace to our city. Let’s no longer pretend to be progressive or inclusive please.” 
Tweet by O’Neal (@letlovebloom) about the Charlotte City Council’s contentious vote against an ordinance that would have prohibited discrimination based on a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. (Mar. 3)