Tapping In: Wine from a Keg

Two local restaurants tap into a new trend--wine from a keg
Taylor Mathis
Upstream offers two keg wines: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, both from Saintsbury.

If you enjoy wines by the glass, here’s a trend you’ll want to try: wine from a keg. Two local restaurants, Napa on Providence (110 Perrin Pl., 704-900-8535) and Upstream (6902 Phillips Place Ct., 704-556-7730), have new keg wine offerings—and for good reason. Sophisticated palates will appreciate the quality control that comes with a keg wine: for starters, there’s no cork, so no risk of a corked wine. A  pour from a keg also means a more consistent taste—and there’s no way you’ll end up with a glass of stale wine. Instead, kegs keep wine temperature controlled and fresh for up to four months using the same nitrogen system as a beer keg, says Steve Seitz, director of operations for Harper’s Restaurant Group. “It’s not the old bag-in-the-box program,” he says. “One more benefit is we’re able to realize a little bit of a savings in what we pay for the wine, which we can in turn pass on to the guests.” Wine from a bottle suddenly seems so old-fashioned.

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