The Best Grilled Cheese in Charlotte

Orrman’s Cheese Shop offers daily specials

It’s easy to find a fancy grilled cheese on Charlotte restaurant menus lately—the popular, gooey comfort food has gone highbrow. But the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the city just might come—not surprisingly—from the city’s first (and only) cut-to-order cheesemonger: Orrman’s Cheese Shop (224 E. 7th St., 980-226-3025) at the 7th Street Public Market. Owner Rachel Klebaur offers a daily special in addition to regulars like Raclette, rosemary ham, and fig jam on whole wheat ($8.25). If you’re a fan of the classic, opt for the simple-yet-satisfying cheddar, Gouda, pickles, and mustard on sourdough ($6.50, below). Kelbaur makes it while you wait. 

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