The checkered flag for Nascar?

While most of Charlotte has been wringing its collective hands over the bleeding banking industry--remember when we all thought that BofA buying Merrill would be a good thing for Charlotte?--Nascar has begun what may end up being a slow, inexorable slide. There have been a raft of news stories about layoffs in the sport, and the troubles of the Big 3 automakers have exacerbated the problem. Here are two interesting articles on the situation, with the Slate article including the following money quote:


Race teams have pink-slipped seemingly half of Mooresville, N.C., the home to the majority of the teams. The carnage has totaled roughly 1,000 employees, with many more bracing for the inevitable. Someone who still has a job—for now—with a smaller-level race team put it to me simply: "We're f—ed."

"Nascar's sponsors hit by sticker shock" – New York Times

"A Nascar fan makes the case to euthanize the stock car racing" – Slate

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