The Organizing Queen

One Charlotte woman helps people eliminate clutter and create a clean, comfortable space
Alison Brigham
Stackable cube organizers with color-coordinated drawers are stylish, customizable, and accessible for adults and kids

What is the most difficult part of spring cleaning? Alison Brigham, president of Queens of Clutter, says the task of finding the surfaces to clean under all of the clutter is often the hardest.

Brigham, who moved from New York to Charlotte about 10 months ago, is a professional organizer. She uses her New York experience, where space was always at a premium, to excel at her profession. Brigham's clients rely on her to help them sort through stuff, determine what to keep and what to toss, and where to put all of the things that remain.

"Anything that is not of value right now is clutter," Brigham says. There are two exceptions: things of extreme monetary or sentimental value. Those things should be stored out of the way. All surfaces should be clear.

Brigham takes pride in offering personalized service to her clients, establishing lasting relationships, and changing not only their surroundings but also their mindset.

"I don't go in and clean up and leave and say, 'You're on your own,'" she says. "I give them the tools to stay that way."

Brigham recently shared some of her favorite organizing tools with us and why she likes them.

All photos courtesy of Alison Brigham.

Plastic bins

Brigham says: There is a simple method to my madness. When gutting a client’s closet, room, pantry, or even the entire house, I always have my bins on hand. I encourage clients to donate, not only because it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside … but it’s also a tax write-off. Goodwill stores take just about anything that is functional. Whatever is not … gets tossed. Everything left in the “keep” bin, I reorganize to fit the client’s needs.


Stackable cube organizer

Brigham says: They’re inexpensive, yet aesthetically pleasing and easy to assemble. Available in six- or nine-cube units and three colors, this organizer is great for storing kids’ things, like books, toys, and crafts, and may be customized with doors and fabric drawers.




Interlocking Drawer Organizer

Brigham says: These small dividers keep your kitchen, desk, and bathroom drawers organized. They’re easy to clean, versatile, and can interlock in several different patterns to fit any drawer size.





Cabinet Organizer

Brigham says: These are great for the pantry. Sort and organize items by function or size while keeping them visible and easily accessible. Great for keeping your favorite spices organized for easy access. Instead of digging for a certain spice or herb, simply slide out the plastic holder when cooking, use what you need, and slide it back into your pantry.




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