The VIP List

Sometimes the best way to know who wields power and influence in a city is as simple as looking at the guest list. We tracked down five of the top public relations and marketing execs in the city and asked them: for your event to be a success, who has to be there?



Check out our list to see who made the cut:


Jolee and John Fennebresque

Caitlin Boyle
Amy Aussieker

Crystal Dempsey
Mayor Anthony Foxx and wife Samara
Pat McCrory
Justin Ruckman
Ruard and Millicent Veltman
Perry Poole and Laura Vinroot Poole
Emily Maynard
Spencer Lueders
Mac Lackey

Jerry Richardson

Michael Jordan

Cam Newton

Rick and Linda Hendrick

Felix Sabates

Jim Rogers

Hugh McColl

Leon Levine

Smoky Bissell

Johnny Harris

Bruton Smith

Jeff Gordon

Jimmie Johnson

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Herb and Felicia Gray
Congressman Mel Watt
Governor Bev Perdue

Steve and Lisa Luquire

Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn
Brian Moynihan

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