The Weekend Ahead: May 14-17

BUY YOURSELF SOME GOOD TASTE – Book Sale at the Mint Museum Library

There are few among us who can actually afford to be decent “collectors” of art, but just about everybody can afford to come scoop up an art book at this second annual sale at the Mint. Throw it on the coffee table, or place it next to the bed and you’ll instantly appear intellectually hip! BONUS: The books are fabulous (thus being worthy of the Mint’s library) and will inspire the cultured connoisseur in us all. The proceeds from the sale are put towards the on-going conservation of the library’s special collections. 
Saturday, May 16. 12-5 pm at the Mint Museum of Art. 
First Hour of the sale is for museum members only. 
LOOK GOOD AT THE GYM – Sale at Asana Activewear
Bathing suit season is basically a heartbeat away, which means it’s time to get your heart rate up and your butt moving. At least you won’t have to do it in a ratty old t-shirt, because from now through May 31st, if you buy one item at Asana you get $10 off, 2 items gets you $20 and three items gets you a total discounted by $35.  Asana was our Best of the Best pick for yoga apparel, so you know their styles get the Shop Talk Stamp of Approval!
Asana Activewear, Shops at Morrison
CELEBRATE WHAT WE HAVE IN COMMON – The Common Market Dance Party in South End
We could not be more thrilled that The Common Market has opened their second location (and, thus, their second deli counter) so close to the Char Mag Headquarters. We are so happy, we could just bust out a dance. In fact, we will do just that, this Saturday when the Market hosts a neighborhood dance party so that they can get to know their South End neighbors.  I wonder how hard it is to dance and eat a sandwich at the same time…. hmm.. guess we’ll find out. 
Saturday, May 16, 6pm. 1515 S. Tryon St. 
GET THERE EARLY – Tracy Feith Collection Debuts at Target
The long-awaited (and incredibly precious) collection from designer Tracy Feith has finally arrived.  We’d love to tell you more but we really don’t have the time. We have to get to Target before this stuff gets scooped up! See you at the racks! Just don’t get in our way. Shop Talk girls know how to throw down, if you know what I’m sayin’. for locations near you. 
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