The Weekend Ahead: October 3-5

Theme party to celebrate Andy Warhol exhibit at the Mint Museum
Shhh, don’t tell anyone but sometimes we stay home Friday nights and practice giving ourselves big dramatic doe-eyes JUST IN CASE we ever get the opportunity to throw on a mod dress and some knee high boots and live out our Edie Sedgewick fantasy (though we prefer to call it our “destiny”). Looks like we are finally going to get our chance! This groovy event at the Mint will feature art-inspired adult beverages, a buffet of retro candy (lay off the Sugar Daddies, those are ours), and a prize for the people who come dressed as the best look-a-likes of Andy and Edie (back off ladies, this one is ours too!). The ticket price is decadent, $125 for museum members and $160 for non-members, but the cause is worthy: funds raised at this shindig will go towards the Mint Museum’s planned expansion into uptown. Friday October 3, 8 p.m.-midnight.

Celebutante Bash at Suite
We’d love to tell you that we plan to be ensconced in a banquette at Suite, scantily clad, sipping something expensive and keeping our eyes shielded from the blaze of paparazzi flash bulbs like a true celebutante, but the truth is we can’t bring ourselves to attend any event where the hostess of the evening spells her name with an unnecessary “K”. Girl, please. However, we are tempted by the rumor that Courtney (Yes, that is how I will spell it.) is bringing a special guest, who might just have recently been ousted off of Dancing with the Stars! (That would be Kim Kardashian, for those of you who don’t watch trashy T.V., and we will spell her name properly because she lucked out and actually got a name that is meant to have a “K”). Friday October 3, 9 p.m. $15.

Dilworth Jubilee at Latta Park
Aren’t family friendly events just so much better when there is a beer garden? We sure think so, which is why we’ll be taking the kids (or in our case, Sarah’s dog Rosie) to Latta Park for this 36th annual outdoor event. Rousing games, live music, and plenty of bouncy carnival-type attractions will keep the wee ones occupied while you enjoy a tipple in the garden. Just be on the look out for a rotund dachshund who may or may not be dressed in a dog-sized polo shirt with a popped collar as a canine homage to Dilworth, the yuppie capital of the Queen City!
Saturday October 4, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Latta Park. Free.

Janet Jackson at Greensboro Coliseum Complex
Everyone loves a great comeback story, but you know what people (namely us) love more than that? A fashion train-wreck. If recent photos of Miss Jackson in concert from are any indication, it would be well worth the ride to Greensboro AND the wait in the gas line before hand just to see what wacky wardrobe choices she makes – regardless of whether or not they malfunction. (Though admittedly that would be a bonus).
Saturday, October 4, 7:30pm

The Duchess and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
Here is what happened when we tried to plan the rest of our weekend:

“Hey Sarah, do you want to go see Nick and Norah with me on Sunday? It opens this weekend.” “Well, Jenn, I was sort of going to ask you if you wanted to go see The Duchess with me because it also opens this weekend.” “Sarah, you only want to see The Duchess because you have a weird fixation with stories about proper English ladies in corsets and hoop skirts pining for men either above or below their social station.” “That’s true, Jenn, but you only want to see Nick and Norah because you have inappropriate feelings for Michael Cera and an unhealthy lust for Kat Dennings’s shiny brown hair.” “Touche, Sarah.”
We haven’t decided which film to see yet, but perhaps you’ll have better luck. For details on where each is playing and for up to date show times, we recommend, or if you want to try and buy tickets in advance for some of Charlotte’s larger theaters.

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