The Worst Movie Ever Made!

It's playing in Charlotte Nov. 28
Courtesy, The Light Factory

Why would you want to see the worst movie ever made?

To laugh at how unintentionally hilarious it is, of course.

You'll get that chance on Nov 28 when The Light Factory screens Plan 9 from Outer Space as part of the Cult Movie Monday series.

It's got a legitimate cast (Bela Lugosi, for instance), and the theme is tried-and-true: zombies are out to take over Planet Earth. But, the overacting is what really endears the film to its fans who love it (or love to hate it). Well OK, it's not just the bad acting. It's also the cheap scenery,  improbable dialogue, homemade special effects and convoluted plot. All in all, it's a hot mess. See the trailer.

And, what if you think it's just plain bad rather than so-bad-it's-good? Well, at least you haven't spent any money on it. The movie — and the popcorn — are always free at Cult Movie Mondays.

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