This Weak in Charlotte: Muzak Man, Coydogs, and Charles Johnson Gets Stuck in an Airport

I like elevators insomuch as I use them, in tall buildings, as an alternative to the stairs. Let’s say I had an appointment on the 40th floor of the Bank of America Corporate Center. Would I walk up to it? No. I would not. Elevator? Don’t mind if I do.

That’s me. And then there’s this guy. He lives in Columbia, South Carolina. He has a bit of an elevator fetish. I found him this week, when he uploaded a 3½ minute YouTube video of himself riding the elevator at the Blake Hotel in Charlotte. He doesn’t say much, except for at the 2:43 mark, when he remarks, “These are Otis touch-sensitive buttons.”

He identifies himself as elevatorgeek88, and so far he’s uploaded 1,022 videos on his YouTube channel, mostly of, wait for it, elevators. There’s the Weco Traction Elevator at the Crowne Plaza. There’s the ThyssenKrupp Traction AA Elevator At Presbyterian Hospital. There’s the Kone Traction Elevator at the SouthPark Mall Dillard’s. Cherie Berry gets a lot of face time here.

Who would watch this stuff? A lot of people. Elevatorgeek88’s videos have been viewed  more than 130,000 times. He has 222 followers. And don’t be hatin’. “If you leave immature comments, like "die, elevator videos" (yes, I have actually gotten that one many times before), be my guest, make a fool out of yourself,” he writes on his YouTube page. “I do not associate with people at your level.”

Everybody has their thing. His is elevators. And hell, if he gets enjoyment out of it, then in the great Wonkavator of life, he’s always going up.

I’ve decided to change the name of this little segment from “This Week in Charlotte Inanaity” to, simply, “This Weak in Charlotte.” GET IT? Apparently, not enough people know what inanity is. This, my friends, is it: In this tough economy, people are stealing ice machines.

Politics, y’all: They have Linsanity. We have Lynnsanity.

Say, what happens when Charlotte’s police chief pulls out in front of somebody, and that somebody runs into him? Nothing.

You’re a riot, PC World.

Marlee Matlin gets into a Twitter fight with The Charlote Observer over a story they aggregated from Newsday, and then everybody starts doggin’ our hometown paper. I think they call this HuffPoHate.

You’ve won the North Carolina Education Lottery. What are you going to do now? “I may go to Arizona and do some gold prospecting.” Oh.

Panthers DE Charles Johnson has a $72 million contract. He was stuck in an airport. He decided to fly standby. And he quoted Paula Poundstone. And he said he’s cheap. So much awesome in 10 tweets.

The Westin is now working without a net.

Barf: Here’s some video of an MMA fight from Charlotte last month, and OH MY DEAR GOD THIS GUY’S EAR GOT SHEARED OFF BY THAT OTHER GUY’S ELBOW.

Your dog is having sex with a coyote. Coydogs, you guys.

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