Transforming Lives with Dr. Bernard Taylor

Urogynecology Carolina Urology Partners (Pelvic Health Institute)

As a urogynecologist, Dr. Bernard Taylor treats patients with urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, and problems arising from childbirth. Dealing with some of life’s most sensitive issues is what makes healing all the more rewarding, he says, for the patient and the physician.

Taylor works in reconstructive pelvic surgery and gynecologic surgery, specialties that brings to his office women from their teens into their nineties. He loves the intellectual challenges posed by science and keeping up with fast-moving changes in treatment. He also welcomes the chance to share with patients his top two health tips: quit smoking and live an active lifestyle. He can’t preach it enough.“The impact you have on a patient—to have a patient to be able to enjoy themselves, to have sex, to be who they are,” says Taylor, is well worth tackling the sensitive issues. He shares what some will say to him as they leave his care: “Thank you so much for making me a woman again, for giving me my life.” There are often tears of joy, he adds.

A member of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church with his wife and two daughters, Taylor once traveled to Africa on a mission trip to care for patients. Often, he says, at the end of each patient’s painful journey, there is a story to savor. He remembers a ninety-one-year-old woman who had to wear diapers. She couldn’t take vacations with her family because of the long rides. The care and medicine transformed her life, he says, “She traveled with her great-grandchildren to the beach for the first time.” —K. G.

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